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Westinghouse Heated Throw Grey Back Printing 50x60"

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An electric blanket is easily the best of both worlds – a soft cover that offers comfort and softness on your bed; while at the same time emitting a heat that is soothing and can also possess healing properties for aches and pains.

Westinghouse flannel fleece electric blankets devote to providing you and your family the best and safest sleep experience, ensure you with the magnificent luxury and fluffy softness to forget all your stress of the day. It can be used for couch, sofa, bed, office.

The heating wire is top grade, Japan imported, soft and durable, providing greater comfort and even heat distribution performance.


How to Machine Wash?

Make sure your washing machine has adjustable cycles, as a regular cycle is far too rough for the process of washing your electric blankie without damage.


— Ensure all cables are disconnected from their power source

Before introducing your blanket to your washing machine, it is super important to ensure that all cables and power cords (any cords that can detached) are removed. Most modern electric blankets have internal wiring protected by waterproof coating so it is only the cords you can see and remove that are important.




— Set your washer to lukewarm water and add laundry detergent

As with hand-washing, the water used in a machine wash must be lukewarm to ensure there is no lasting damage to your electric blanket.



Use a gentle laundry detergent that is free of harsh cleaners or bleach to prevent staining on the material of the blanket. Allow the washer to finish filling up with water and detergent to the appropriate amount. This will turn the detergent into the sudsy cleaning power that your blanket needs.


— Set the washer to a delicate or gentle cycle

The importance of using your washing machine’s delicate or gentle washing cycle cannot be stressed enough. A normal cycle will damage the blanket and the scary part is that damage is not visible to the naked eye. The potential of a fire hazard is increased and the wiring can spark the next time the electric linen is plugged in for use.



— Turn off the wash cycle after two minutes

It is crucial that the washing cycle is stopped after two minutes. These two minutes are ample time to thoroughly clean your blanket without causing lasting damage.



— Allow for a rinse and spin cycle

After stopping your washer once the two minute mark has been reached, it is safe to allow your washing machine to proceed through the rinse cycles and then spin cycle. This option will remove any suds from the material of the blanket and gently spin excess water from it as well.



— Dry your electric blanket

The best way to dry your electric blanket is to use a clothesline or flat surface. Flat surfaces can be a kitchen table (depending on size) or the floor (not carpeted). Use the clothesline to stretch the blanket back to its original shape, or if using a flat surface; spread the blanket evenly out into its original shape.



If using a flat surface, allow for approximately one hour of drying time before flipping the blanket over to allow for drying on the side that is resting on the surface.



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