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SEDONA HOUSE Weighted Neck and Shoulder Wrap Pad Blue 3.85 lbs

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Nowadays, more and more people get shoulders and neck problems because they spend too much time in front of computers or mobile phones, as well as other reasons that cause the pain and stress on our shoulders or neck, making us feel really uncomfortable. The good news is that this weighted neck and shoulder wrap by SEDONA HOUSE can help to relieve the pain.


B07S3DHV56 07


This weighted wrap can be used for by anybody who got pain in their shoulders or neck, at any time and any occasions. Just put it on your shoulders when you are working or taking rest. You don't even need to use the microwave to heat it, which is very convenient. We usually put it on our shoulders all day long when working in the office.


B07S3DHV56 07


The weighted wrap mainly functions on three of our body acupoints, which we call the Golden Triangle. It's just a physical function, and doesn’t cause any side-effects.


Product Features:

  • SUPER SOFT FABRIC AND COMFORTABLE TOUCH - The SEDONA HOUSE weighted shoulder wrap is made of 100% Premium Breathable micro mink fleece fabric, super soft minky fabric has a soothing feeling to the skin, not easily allergic. 
  • IT MIGHT HELP PAIN RELIEF- SEDONA HOUSE is the first one to develop this weighted wrap to help relieve our shoulder and necks pressure and pain, and according to more than 500 people's test, 96% of the people found this helpful in relief of the tension and pressure and help us feel comfortable. 
  • WITH A BONUS WEIGHTED SLEEPING MASK - This weighted shoulder wrap comes with a free weighted sleeping mask as a bonus, help you get asleep soon and comfortable. 
  • SPA SERVICES ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE - Whether you're on a business trip, traveling, or working, you can always bring it with you for a spa experience. It can relieve your stress and tension, and help to relieve the pain of stiffness, inflammation, arthritis, cramps, and muscle fatigue. A convenient, easy to store weighted shoulder wrap is worth owning. 
  • ENJOY CONVENIENT CLEANING - This weighted shoulder wrap is washable. It can be hand wash, machine wash or spot clean. We usually suggest use hand wash or spot clean, because it's not large, and easy to clean. For machine washing, recommend you to use cold and gentle cleaning mode on her to reduce wear on her. Do not mix with other clothes, do not bleach, do not iron. 


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